Mitsui Brings its Extensive Wood-Frame, Multi-Family Construction Experience to California

Mitsui’s wood-frame construction experience began in 1973 with Mitsui Home Co., Ltd.; the largest 2×4/6 homebuilder in Japan, where custom-designed homes are all constructed with prefabricated, factory-built components.

In 2006, Mitsui Homes Canada—a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Home Japan, and parent company of MHA Building Systems—began constructing multi-family wood-frame projects utilizing “engineered pre-fabrication, construction systemization and Japanese Quality Management” as its core excellence and today is the largest multi-family wood-frame constructor in Western Canada; specializing in supplying and erecting five- and six-story wood-frame buildings.

In 2011 Mitsui Homes Canada supplied and constructed Canada’s first six-story wood-frame condo building in Richmond, B.C.. It was a historic project. Since that time, Mitsui Homes Canada has erected a multitude of five- and six-story wood-frame projects.

Now the experience gained in Mitsui Home Japan and Mitsui Homes Canada has been brought to California to optimize construction to a level not commonly found in the domestic construction industry.

Video: Learn about MHA Building System’s Parent Companies and Their Global Experience

“Mitsui Group” dates back over 300 years and now operates in a multitude of industries worldwide, including Finance, Commodity Trading, Real Estate, Steel, Chemicals and Construction; to name a few. Today Mitsui is the largest Corporate Entity in Japan. The support for MHA Building Systems could not be stronger!