A Systems' Evolution in Wood-Frame Construction in North America

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Mitsui became the construction leader through their commitment to a well-developed and skillfully implemented “construction system.”

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The Waterton
Located at WA, USA
5 Stories & 46 units

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Wood-frame construction is rapidly evolving. The adoption of five- and six-story wood-frame buildings makes these advancements critical. Today projects are cost-challenged, manpower-challenged and time-challenged. Prefabricating as much as possible (wall panels, floor and stair panels, floor and roof trusses) mitigates these challenges to the greatest extent possible—when done accurately and optimally. These components are the key to constructing buildings faster, more cost-efficiently, safely, with higher quality and less waste. It doesn’t get better than that!

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Mitsui Home America will “systemize” wood-frame construction to the greatest extent possible, using engineered/prefabricated walls, stairs, and floor/roof trusses to:

  • Accelerate construction schedules while, at the same time, reducing expensive site labor.

  • Reduce back-framing time and expense by pre-installing backing for cabinets, handrails, showers, etc. and accommodating MEP requirements in the wall-panel and floor design.

  • Reduce the time and expense of excessive site waste.

  • Ensure the accuracy of seismic anchors and hold-downs using state-of-the-art computer positioning.